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Growing up, my mom had a job at the National Geographic's printing press. This ignited a passion in my brother and me, as we were mesmerized by the stunning images and the tales they told within the magazine's pages. We would eagerly try to replicate these visuals with our own sketches. My brother often remarked that our drawings were just as real; the only thing we lacked was a camera to capture these moments. After pursuing psychology at Louisiana State University, I found myself moving to New York, immersing myself in the world of cinema and developing a deep appreciation for the storytelling power of motion pictures. In 2010, my journey took me to UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting, where I not only refined my screenwriting skills but also stumbled upon the art of photography. Now, with a camera by my side, I am rediscovering the enchanting realm of photography, approaching it with the same sense of awe and wonder I had as a child.

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